Understanding Laws and Concepts

The laws and concepts that govern a century’s civilization direct it. These laws and concepts can influence the operative dynamics of a century and human advancement.

Underlined are the laws and concepts that define a century’s operative dynamics. They also determine and guide human and societal operations in relation to every aspect of life. Humanity is forced to operate blindly without any governing principles or ideologies in the absence of these hypothetical laws and concepts.

Laws: I define laws to be the major pathways with their consequences. Professor Mbuya Divine, Nation Builders Institute, defines laws as major paths with resulting consequences. Ashu Solange, Nation Builders Institute student defines laws to be fundamental principles that govern life.

In a nutshell, laws are what determine the human and social operations. There are four types: human, natural, divine, and social laws.

Human laws: These principles or standards are created by men to guide the behavior of people and determine the operating dynamics of a society, country, or nation. Human laws can take the form rules and regulations in a set-up. Human laws can take many forms in a society, including legislation, rules and regulations.

Natural laws: These forces are operating in nature and defining the operative dynamics in the universe in relation with the earth’s needs. Universal laws are also known as natural laws, e.g. The law of gravity.

The divine laws: These absolute principles govern existence and control life’s flow. They make it mandatory to follow the consequences of ’cause’ and ‘effect’.

The divine laws are unchanging and eternal. They cannot be ignored and must be resisted by all men. The difference between natural laws and human laws is that both can be modified with respect to progress and time, but Divine laws cannot be changed. They are absolutes and constants for every generation.

Social laws: These principles underline the governing operative dynamic of a century in relation to human progress, operation, social evolutions and revolutions. Social laws are the foundation of the operative dynamics for a century. They affect human operations, productivity, progress and societal development in every domain. Positive revolution is based on principles. They provide the foundation for all life’s events.

Concepts: These concepts are information bodies or ideologies that can influence the governing operative dynamics for a century, human advancement, and social revolution.

Concepts are the foundation of human mentality. Ideas and notions shape every generation’s civilization.
Concepts have ideological characteristics. They are the foundation of human operations, human progress, social evolution, and revolution. Both positive and negative concepts exist.

Negative concepts are humanistic ideologies or notions that are based on selfishness or inhumanity. Negative concepts are propagated by individuals and societies that are characterized by either undemocratic, autocratic or religious and sectarian extremeism. Terrorism and other negative concepts include communism (Nazism), anti-Semitism and ethnic cleansing. Negative concepts have not contributed to the advancement of humanity’s dignity and civilisation. They have sparked violence, inhumanity and all forms human degradation.