5 Vaping tips for beginners

When you start to vape, there are many things to consider.

These are five tips that will help you get the most out of vaping.

Juice TLC

Give your juice a shake before you fill it or refill it. This will ensure that all ingredients (the nicotine and PG/VG combination) properly gel together. It will also make for a smoother vaping experience, from your first draw to your last.

Here are some quick tips while we’re talking about your E-liquid.

Keep e-liquid bottles out of direct sunlight

When you are done refilling the bottle, put the lid back on.

Maintenance of your device

Your device is useless without your battery, so take care of it.

You should not use the battery if you notice any cracks or dents in its wrapping or any other damage.

Start with a starter set

If you are new to diving and have some common sense, you can start at the 5m platform. Then you can work your way up. Vaping is no exception.

Start your vaping journey with a starter kit, and move on to more advanced devices if necessary. We recommend starting with a starter kit because they are easier to use and more effective in introducing you to vaping. You don’t want to go overboard with fancy devices, end up having a bad experience, and be discouraged from vaping.

Try new flavors

Menthol, Blueberry Mint, Strawberry Mint, Green Apple… There are so many options it can be difficult to know where to begin.

You’re likely to enjoy tobacco in your vape pen if you like it in a cigarette. You shouldn’t be distracted by the contents of other vapers’ devices. Everyone’s taste buds will be different.

As you become more confident, you can experiment with different flavors. However, you should always keep your eyes on the basics. Maximizing enjoyment is the goal.

Refilling liquids and replacing coils

Let’s begin with coils. There are a few factors that will determine how often you should replace them.

How often do you vape?

It all depends on the type of vape juice that you use – people who use VG-based liquids will have to replace their coils more often than those who use a higher PG/VG ratio.

It all depends on the type of e-cigarette that you use. If you have a variable voltage mod, and you increase the power frequently, the chances are you will wear out the coil faster.

You will need to replace your clearomiser approximately every ten refills depending on how often you use it.

You can refill your liquid the same way. The more you use, the more juice you will get. Keep track of how much liquid your tank uses and calculate how often you will need to refill it.

You’re on your way to becoming a professional vaper!

Everybody is different so everyone’s vaping experience will be different. You should take the time to research and find high-quality e-juices. Also, learn how to maintain your device. This will make all of the difference. These helpful tips will help you become a pro at vaping in no time. We are excited to help you enjoy the vaping experience.