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Do You Want to Choose A Suitable URL Shortener?

ByBusy Fox

Aug 8, 2022
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Links that are easy to distribute are generated by URL shorteners. What is more, they enable small enterprises to monitor website marketing initiatives and other incoming traffic. Here are the top four URL shorteners to manage the online visibility of your business.

How many users did your website receive in the past month? What percentage of them clicked on a link in your most recent newsletter? How many people clicked on the link you posted on social media? If you own a small business website, tracking the origins of your online traffic will help you assess how well your marketing initiatives are working.

You may learn more about your future clients or consumers as a result. Small businesses don’t often have a marketing specialist on staff with this kind of expertise.

Using a URL shortener and link tracking service is one of the simplest methods to do it yourself, regardless of your degree of technical expertise.

Tips to select the best link shortener

Let us look at the factors you should take into account while assessing potential link shortening technologies.

  1. Evaluate the feature of each solution

Evaluating the functionality offered by each choice is the first step in choosing the best link shortener. The next step is to decide which features are essential for your company.

A few crucial factors you may want to consider when choosing a tool you will use frequently include:

  • Options for tracking and analytics
  • Sharing on social media with integration features
  • Custom domains/URL slugs
  • Retargeting functionality
  • Decide whether you prefer to brand your links

You lose the chance to grow your brand when you utilise generic link shorteners.

Branded links are abbreviated URLs that include the name of your company. They assist create trust and are simpler for your audience to recall and recognise.

Every link you share becomes a promotion when you include your brand name in the shorter version:

For this reason, the finest link shortener software for organisations are frequently those that offer options for unique branding.

  • Consider what will be included in the tool’s cost

The price of link shortener services can frequently be a good indicator of their quality, just like with anything else in life. Of course, there is nothing wrong with using free generic link shorteners, if you are not interested in branding or tracking links.

However, it is usually worth spending a little extra money if you want to use your links for more. You should compare different link shortener choices and take into account both the price and what is included in it.

A premium package that costs between $50 and $100 a year may initially seem like a significant financial commitment. Paid solutions, however, often provide you with a strong return on investment through their usability, practicality, and increased functionality


You are probably aware that you ought to shorten your links. However, with so many possibilities, picking the best one can often be difficult. The above tips can be thus useful for you to adopt.

By Busy Fox

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