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Top Reasons Why Australians Just Love Ford Cars


Mar 17, 2023

Ford cars have long been a part of the Australian auto industry and remain a popular choice among Australian drivers. What is it that makes Ford cars so appealing to Australians? This article will discuss why Australians can’t need more Ford cars.


Ford cars are popular because they are locally manufactured. Ford cars were built in Australia for many long years. They have become a symbol of Australian manufacturing, innovation, and creativity. This encouraged pride among Australian drivers and encouraged them to support local businesses.

Ford Australia is no more producing cars. But the brand holds a special place among Australians. Australian culture became part of Australia’s heritage when the iconic Territory and Falcon models were made in Australia for many decades.

Powerful performance

Ford cars are loved for their performance. Ford has a long tradition of making cars built for performance and speed. This is a huge draw for Australian drivers who like to travel on open roads.

The Ford Mustang, one of Ford’s most beloved models, is a great example. The Mustang is renowned for its powerful engine and sporty performance. It is the American muscle car icon and is highly sought by Australian drivers seeking an elegant and powerful car.

Amazing Features

Ford cars have enjoyed huge popularity in Australia because they are safe. Ford has heavily invested in safety features like automatic emergency braking, adaptive Cruise Control, and Lane-Keeping Assist. Ford cars are amongst the most reliable on the market. This is a huge draw for families and drivers who put a high priority on safety.

Ford cars include advanced driver assist features that make driving more enjoyable and less stressful. Ford’s SYNC Infotainment System allows drivers to connect with their smartphones to access various features. This feature is extremely popular with Australian drivers who spend lots of time on the road.


Ford cars are well-respected for their reliability. Ford cars are known for their durability.

Ford cars are very durable. However, they are also quite easy to maintain. This is partly because of the plentiful supply of spare parts and the availability of highly-trained mechanics. Ford cars have become popular with drivers looking for reliable, affordable, easy-to-maintain vehicles.

Brand loyalty

Australians love Ford cars so much due to their strong brand loyalty. Many Australians have had an emotional connection with Ford cars since childhood. This loyalty is passed down from generation to generation, which has helped to form a strong Ford driver network in Australia.

Ford also has a strong presence within Australian motorsport, which has helped strengthen the brand’s reputation for speed and performance. Australian race car drivers enjoy the Ford Mustang and the Ford Falcon.


Ford cars have a special relationship with Australians. They are loved for their strong brand loyalty and local manufacturing. Ford cars will remain constant in Australia’s automotive market for many years.

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