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Please read our blog. We’re a gardening blog, as you know. We wish to get gardening expertise. So please share your knowledge.

If you want to share gardening tips, do so here. Write for us on home improvement, business, finance, vehicle, lifestyle, technology, family/parenting, travel, and entertainment.

How We Choose Writers?

  • You must understand English.
  • Write error-free articles.
  • Article must be about gardening.
  • Original and well-researched.
  • No article retyping or spinning.
  • Include photographs and videos.
  • No unsolicited links.
  • Friendly, informed tone is required.
  • Follow our criteria to publish on our blog.

Guest Post Rules

Home improvement, business, money, vehicle, lifestyle, technology, family/parenting, travel, and entertainment are acceptable topics. Subject knowledge is a bonus. The more intriguing the topic, the better:

  • We don’t copy-paste modified articles. Our authors should provide 100% original work. We can verify if your article is duplicated. Don’t waste your time or ours by editing.
  • Articles should be 500 words or more. Your article’s credibility will grow with links, images, and videos. You must provide reputable, legal sources.
  • Write a clean article. It must be unique to our website or blog. Our blog values honesty and professionalism. Our authors must be disciplined.
  • Your article’s credibility depends on 3-5 reliable connections. Please don’t link to unrelated websites. Never connect to fake sites.
  • Informative, entertaining, and funny are good article tones. Read our blogs to see how we style our work. A good writer may make a dull issue exciting.
  • Articles are checked for mistakes and duplication. Articles may be accepted or rejected. Your item will be accepted within 3-5 days.
  • We publish guest posts that meet our requirements within 3-5 days. The blog site owns the article after posting it. Author credits will be given.
  • Submit your articles only if you agree to the rules.

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