Uses For Cam Locks In Your Home


Locking systems come in a wide variety, each suited to a certain market or function. You’ll be able to select the best lock for your home because you’ll know how it works. Strongly recommend the use of cam locks by Selectlok as a kind of physical protection. They have a key-operated rotating arm on a cylinder-shaped body.

Keep reading for advice on how to get the most out of your cam locks and keep your house safe:

1. For Doors & Windows

Windows and doors are entry points that you want to keep out of the hands of trespassers. Some windows are equipped with locks, which are very easy to remove even from the outside. Multiple locking systems are a common practice among homeowners, particularly in high-crime areas.

Install a cam lock at your garage, back, or windows to secure them when you leave the house. You should choose a waterproof cam lock as it can be put outside. Weatherproof locks are more durable and will last for longer.

2. For Wooden Furniture

Cleaning products, valuable items, medications, reading materials, and cleaning chemicals all require storage that is easy to access but out of reach for children and pets. Wooden furniture might have built-in locks. However, cam locks can be used to replace old or new furniture. Cam locks are cabinet locks that can be used for their functionality and security. Cam locks are also available in a metallic finish, which is a great contrast to wooden surfaces.

3. For Mailboxes

Mail carriers will find it easier to drop their mail outdoors if they have mailboxes set up outside. The problem with these boxes, however, is that they have to be open during the day. You open them all day, and it invites thieves to peek into your mail to steal information or take your package away.

Your mailbox can be fitted with a water-resistant lock. Mailbox locks with dedicated cam locks can come in nickel satin or stainless steel and are adjustable clockwise and counterclockwise. They are weather-resistant and can be used in any climate.

4. For Garage Lockers

Some garages may contain tools and other items that you don’t want in your home. Like any homeowner who values security and organization, you want to make sure your devices are secure. This is especially important if you do carpentry, gardening, or other work related to cars.

Cam locks are also available for locker doors. These locks are strong when attached to the metal as they can withstand repeated use and environmental factors. The waterproof cam locks can be used if the lockers are located near the pool or in an area where it gets rainy.

5. For Bicycle Lock

Your family member or you might have a bicycle as your primary means of transport. You can use it as a hobby, or even as your primary means of transportation. Bikes are a luxury for others and can be stolen if the lock is not strong enough.

You can get rid of your old locking system by switching to a cam lock. Cam locks provide advanced locking systems to prevent theft of your bike’s batteries. They are also better than traditional locks for e-bike drive mechanisms.

6. For Drawers

The best storage area for kitchen utensils, such as knives, is the drawers. Drawers are great for house storage. They can be placed in any room, thanks to their ease of use. Drawers can be used as a safe place to store sensitive personal information. Little children should be protected from accidental injuries by locking drawers.

Cam locks are very useful for keeping drawers locked. Cam locks are discrete in their design. You can fit them in smaller or larger spaces. It is difficult to get the mechanisms open so thieves have a tough job. They won’t win if you replace drawer locks as soon as possible.

In Conclusion

Cam locks are versatile locking mechanisms that can be used in both your home and on any other objects that need strong locks. These locks have the right kind of mechanism to be used in high-security situations. It can be opened with different combinations. A cam lock is a great way to protect your home. 

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